Transcribed Books

These are books that have been generously transcribed for us or are available in the public domain.

If you own or have a book that is no longer subject to copyright and would like to send a copy or transcribe it for us and it is pertaining to Craven County genealogy or history, please contact me Diane Siniard. Your efforts will certainly be appreciated.

  • Echoes From The Past
    By Mary Norcutt Bryan

  • The New Hotel Albert
    By Journal Job Printing
    Copyright 1887 (expired)

  • Recollections of Newbern Fifty Years Ago
    By Stephen F Miller

  • New Berne Directory & Historical Matter
    By Hatchett & Watson
    Copyright 1893 (expired)

  • Newbern Directory
    By Chas. Emerson & Co's.
    Copyright 1880 (expired)

  • New Bern Directory
    By Hill Directory Co.
    Copyright 1907 (expired)

  • New Bern Directory
    By Chas. S Gardiner
    Copyright 1916 (expired)

  • New Bern Directory
    By Hill Directory Co.
    Copyright 1918 (expired)

  • New Bern Directory
    By Hill Directory Co.
    Copyright 1920 (expired)

  • Baron Christoph von Graffenried's New Bern Adventures
    By Vincent Hollis Todd
    Copyright 1912 (expired)

  • Confederate memorial addresses. Monday, May 11, 1885
    By Ladies Memorial Association
    Copyright 1886 (expired)

  • History of the Presbyterian church in New Bern, N.C.
    By Rev. L C Vass A M
    Copyright 1886 (expired)

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